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Introducing RapTracker 
A Rapper Notebook For Writing Lyrics

You spend hours on your own rap lyrics and creating your own rhyme patterns but sometimes you fail to keep track of rap ideas.

There are many different ways to write down your rap lyrics. Some people use scraps of paper or napkins when writing lyrics and end up losing their precious rhymes.

Others try using a spiral rapper notebook, but they can be bulky and hard to carry around. You always need a good notebook for writing lyrics while in the streets or in the studio recording.

We created RapTracker so that you could easily take it with you anywhere you go and have a safe place where all your rap songs will be written down for later use!

It is perfect for rappers who want to focus more on creating famous rap lyrics instead of worrying about the security of their ideas.

This rapper journal has everything a rapper needs to keep track of his or her favorite raps. This rapper notebook has blank-lined pages to hold your most used words.

This rap journal is only 6 x 9 inches which makes it easy to carry your ideas around everywhere. The high-quality matte finish cover will inspire you to keep writing.

This rapper notebook has 124 pages so that there is enough space writing lyrics without having too much bulkiness. You can number each volume, and easily order another rap journal using the QR Code on the back cover.

Rap is the best music for writing lyrics. Rap can make you so much money. Click the button to get your rapper notebook.

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RapTracker Gives You An Instant Platform To Keep Track Of Your Lyrics

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RapTracker Is A Way To Help You With Processing Your Thoughts

  • You should write down your lyrics as soon as they are inspired, for you never know when the inspiration is going to come back! Some rappers have revealed that they would leave their notebooks in some places where they knew they were likely to do something musically productive.

  • Raptracker helps you develop your own style and way of rapping without any outside influence or pressure from friends or family members.

  • You can keep track of the time when each thought or idea popped into your mind so that you will never forget to come back to it later. If you ever get stuck with a song, just look back through old ideas for inspiration!

  • Raptracker comes in different volumes. You fill in the number as soon as you receive it so when you fill up your book, you can buy another one. Reordering is so easy. Just scan the QR Code on the back of the book.

  • 3 Major Benefits Of Using RapTracker

    In this section describe the main benefits of using this product.

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    Write lyrics on the spot

    One of the main reasons to write your lyrics down in in your RapTracker notebook is so that you can keep track of them. When you’re writing a song, it’s easy to come up with lyrics and then forget what you wrote down. If you have them written down in a notebook, you can always refer back to them whenever you need to.

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    Easy to carry around

    Another reason to use a notebook is that it’s easier to carry around than a bunch of scraps of paper. When you’re out and about and come up with an idea for a song, you can quickly jot it down in your notebook instead of trying to remember it until you get home. This is especially helpful if you’re in the studio recording a song and need to quickly write down a few lines.

    raptracker book in the back pocket

    Take wherever you go

    The last reason is obvious: when you have your lyrics all written down in one place, it’s easy for you to grab your notebook and head out the door if you have an important recording session or gig that evening where you plan on performing those songs.

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    "Almost 87% of rappers who write their own lyrics still write their lyrics in a book or on paper. "

    RapTracker Works For Any Style Or Flow

    Gangsta Rap


    Alternative Rap

    Conscious Hip Hop

    Dirty South

    Christian Hip Hop



    Freestyle Rap

    Industrial Hip Hop


    And Many More...

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    Let's Hear Some Of The Success Stories

    This is a great journal for songwriters. I can see it being put to good use over the next year, as my husband puts together lyrics and then copies them out in this journal. It looks really well made.

    Jack R.

    Verified User

    I really like the idea of this journal. It is a great gift for someone who enjoys writing lyrics or poetry, but generally doesn't have time to do so. The fact that this was specifically made for rappers makes it much cooler than just an ordinary blank notepad or diary. My friend scanned the QR Code on the back of my book and bought one too.

    Laura W.

    Verified User

    This is the perfect gift for a songwriter, or anyone who needs help with their content. The journal has been in my pocket since it was given as a birthday gift and I can't wait to get in the studio. The quality looks amazing-- this could make an excellent gift for someone who likes writing songs!

    Toni I.

    Verified User

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    Frequently Asked Questions About RapTracker

    Why should I buy this book?

    RapTracker was created by a musician and producer who wanted to make it easier to write lyrics on the go. It's designed with rappers in mind, but even if you are not a rapper it can help you as well. RapTracker is targeted at beginners and intermediate-level rappers, but advanced users will find it beneficial too.

    How long is delivery time?

    RapTracker is being sold on the Amazon platform. Shipping is free. If you are a prime member, you could get it in a day or two but even if you are not a Prime Member the most it will take is two to three days. Of course, these are estimates and nothing is guaranteed.

    How many pages are in the book?

    This book has 124 pages per volume which is a lot. The benefit is that you can buy as many volumes as you want and you can number the volumes to keep track of when you wrote those particular rhymes. Ordering a new volume is as easy as scanning the QR Code on the back of the book.

    Why should I use RapTracker? My lyrics are on my phone.

    From the beginning the basic process of writing rhymes is actually writing them down. That process has not changed in over 30 to 40 years. Some people get inspired at some of the most inconvenient times and places. They may have to use a scrap piece of paper, a napkin or even their own skin so they don't forget it. RapTracker is just what it says, it helps you keep track of your rhymes whenever you come up with them. You can always keep it with you and always be ready. But guess what? you can always come back later and put it in your electronic device by taking a picture, or typing it in.

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